Organic hemp tea blend Lemon 40 g

Beneficial and unique taste

A tea for body & soul

This flavorful blend features a well-balanced ratio of hemp leaves, lemongrass and blackberry leaves. Beautifully fresh and simply delicious, our Organic Hemp Tea Lemon is perfect as a thirst quencher and pick-me-up for every day. Without artificial flavors and added sugar, you can enjoy this tea cold and warm.

The hemp leaves in our organic hemp tea blends from HANF FARM come from German, controlled organic cultivation. All other ingredients are from controlled organic cultivation and of the best European quality. During production, we consciously avoid unnecessary additives such as colorants, preservatives and artificial flavors.

Only as a tea infusion. Do not drink more than 1 liter per day. Not recommended for children and adolescents, pregnant and lactating women. Do not consume if other hemp-containing foods are consumed on the same day.

What’s inside?

Hemp leaves

Blackberry leaves


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