Industrial hemp, also called Cannabis sativa L., is one of the oldest cultivated plants of mankind and has been cultivated throughout Europe for centuries. Historical records confirm that hemp seeds, hemp flowers/leaves, and extracts (naturally rich in cannabinoids) have always been an integral part of the human diet.

Hemp requires little to no chemical fertilizers to grow and much less water than most other crops. As a catch crop, hemp restores soil health and improves the yield of the subsequent crop. Hemp fields also provide bees and other pollinators with an important nutrient resource.

Hemp grows regionally, conserves resources and is a renewable raw material. But hemp also holds true potential in the fight against climate change. The plant binds CO2 in the soil thanks to its deep roots. One hectare of hemp can absorb up to 13.4 tons of CO2 – equivalent to the efficiency of one hectare of rainforest.

All components of the hemp plant can be processed. Seeds, leaves, flowers, stems and roots can be used for various products such as food, feed, dietary supplements, cosmetics, textiles, paper, insulation material, bioplastics and much more.

who is behind it?

 Rafael Dulon 

Rafael Dulon is one of the best-known experts in industrial hemp cultivation in Europe. Since 1997 he has been operating the contract cultivation of industrial hemp with farmers and cooperatives. Rafael Dulon is the founder and managing director of the Germany-based HANF FARM GmbH, harvesting and processing of fibers, seeds and – since 2014 – also biomass for cannabinoid products from industrial hemp.

 Daniel Kruse 

Daniel Kruse has been working in the hemp industry since 1995. He was one of the first in Europe to start producing hemp foods. His company Hempro Int. GmbH (est. 2002), one of the largest hemp food companies in Europe, produces ingredients (hemp seeds, peeled hemp nuts, hemp oil, hemp protein) and branded products under the label HANF FARM. His group of companies also includes Hemp Factory GmbH (processing), MH medical hemp GmbH (CBD extracts, med. Cann.), HempConsult GmbH (consulting) and together with Rafael Dulon Hanf Farm GmbH (hemp cultivation). Since 2019, Daniel Kruse has been President of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA).