Organic hemp leaves

Discover our selection of coarse and fine organic hemp leaves for wholesale. Please also inform yourself about our exclusive hemp leaf powder HATCHA® made from highly finely ground organic hemp leaves. Hemp leaves contain a variety of vital substances, antioxidant substances such as carotenes, vitamin E and minerals. Furthermore, hemp leaves contain flavonoids, phenols and cannabinoids. A good sense and a lot of experience are necessary to determine the right harvest time. This is crucial for harvesting young, fresh, full and green leaves. For this we use our own developed technology, the hemp harvester Multicombine. This allows us to harvest hemp leaves and flowers several times. Immediately after harvesting, the hemp leaves are put on our wide belt drying (worldwide unique gentle process without external heat influence) to meet our high quality standards. This way we guarantee best quality, preserve all ingredients and generate a full-bodied aroma. In the further production steps, the leaves are detached from the stems. Finally, we pack them in paper bags for better storage, aroma preservation and safe transportation.