Small hemp seeds, great power

Hemp seeds are the raw material for numerous foods such as hemp oil, hemp protein powder and hemp milk. They not only taste like nuts, but from a botanical point of view they are. With a diameter of 3 to 4 mm, the hemp nut is particularly small, but convinces with a large amount of nutrients that can have a positive effect on our well-being – a real superfood.

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One nut, many possibilities. HANF FARM makes food for everyone and every day from just one ingredient: organic hemp seeds. But what makes them a superfood? Essential amino acids and fatty acids, vegetable protein and important fiber. Plus, hemp seeds are free of gluten, lactose, nut allergens and soy, making them edible for everyone – sounds good, right? Discover food made from hemp from HANF FARM.

Hemp chocolate and hemp bar

Snacking is also allowed once in a while. Whether melt-in-the-mouth chocolate or crunchy bars – of course, delicious hemp ingredients must not be missing in our treats. For each product, we use only carefully selected ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. For our chocolates, we use cocoa from fair trade – a pleasure with a doubly good conscience. Discover confectionery with hemp from HANF FARM.

Organic tea with hemp leaves

A cup of time out with organic tea from HANF FARM. Fine hemp leaves from controlled organic cultivation serve as the basis of our tea creations. Infused hot, hemp tea develops a particularly delicious herbal note and provides well-being after a stressful day. Discover hemp tea from HANF FARM.

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