Organic hemp protein powder 50 400 g

Easily digestible, vegetable protein source

Hemp protein – your vegetable protein supplier

Our 100% pure organic hemp protein powder can make an important contribution to a balanced diet with about 50% protein content, valuable omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and rich fiber. The vegetable protein powder supports the daily intake of protein and provides you with essential amino acids. Protein from organic hemp protein in combination with a healthy diet and a suitable training plan is ideal for natural muscle building, supports the metabolism and the renewal of skin, hair and nails. Especially vegans benefit from the purely vegetable, high-quality and easily digestible protein source. Slightly nutty in taste, it fits perfectly for processing in smoothies, shakes, juices, porridge and baking.

Our HANF FARM hemp protein powder comes from controlled organic cultivation and is of the best, European quality.

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